Group Members

Group Ground Rules
  • Group meeting at least twice every week.
  • Discussion and allocation of tasks in meetings
  • Group members have equal rights
  • Full participation from each group member
  • Issues should be discussed in order to make a final decision

Lessons Learnt
As observed and recommended by the module leader, we intend to be mindful and cautious of the monitoring and plant aspect of our group activities as these are our weakest point so far. Further more, similar observation was made by our observer who noticed early on in the group project that the monitor (Ibrahim) ignored details and did not concentrate fully on the task, while the developer (Sobia) had difficulty in communicating, understanding and accepting suggestions, and the product owner (Abdul) was overly critical and impatient some times. However, she also observed that as a team we were very collaborative and encouraged us to keep it up while we work on our weaknesses.

The coffee maker that was developed in class is shown below:

Friday (start) - Meeting to discuss which topic to choose (2hours)
Saturday - Assign roles and responsibilities (1hour)
Sunday - Relaxation (waste day)
Monday - Wiki editing (2hours)
Tuesday (end) - Amendments and submission (5hours)

Process efficiency = 10hours/120hours
Process efficiency = 8%