Group Names
  1. Start and end on time
  2. Ensure that all needed group members are present and no one else
  3. All group members must assure broad understanding of how decisions are made.
  4. Always stay on the relevant TOPIC and start with a shared goal.
  5. Speak openly
  6. Listen carefully at all times during the meeting
  7. Always come up with relevant and clear topics
  8. You must not oppose any group member's opinion unless you have reasonable suggestions
  9. Voice any disagreement with the process of handling things immediately; late suggestion must not be consider at any time
  10. Every group member MUST be present in all the meetings, however, we must be notified earlier enough for any intended absence during meetings.

Lessons Learnt
Several lessons have been learnt from the exercise, observing the behaviour of the (Monitor, Customer and Developer). The product (Coffee Maker) was completed within the scheduled time, the customer was not 100% satisfied with the product, we came to a conclusion that communication between the customer and developer is vital. A good communication level was not kept, the developer was unexperienced and sketching in the future should be more professional. The time was too short for developing, so as the planning time. The overall time for the p[project was underestimated. In the future a better approach would be taken in handling projects.