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The heart of Scrum lies in Respect, Commitment, Focus and Courage and Openness. However, courage seems to be a quality of spirit which allows one to face his /her problems without fear. It is often said that truth about reality is obscured when no one has the courage to say it. Cohn & Kearns explained courage to be the ability to take the side of truth in all matters, rather than going for the expedient lie. Scrum masters, Team members and Product owners all need to be courageous in order to carry out their own part of the successful delivery of the project.


Management has the courage to trust individuals and the team to plan and guide appropriately. The team has the courage to take the responsibility for self direction and self management and having the courage to do the right thing at the right time. It is not easy for the project manager when the stakeholders finds a problem in the project, then it can take a lot of courage to have the discussion. But once the problem is addressed in a right way, then the trust is built like nothing else. It's all about making the right decisions even when they are difficult and be straight forward and always try to tell the truth to stakeholders when they need to hear it.

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Scrum Master : Scrum masters sometimes finds it difficult to address the team after a daily scrum or at any point in time, that they need to perform better.Ability to alert the team in such aspect requires courage.
Product Owners : Product owners need courage to make appropriate decisions and at the same time,stand by them. Also, ability to give out the most appropriate feedback to the team during a review.

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Strategic Decision Management: Strategic decision management requires the clear aims and objectives it also involves the main information about the project which will need to occur in order to achieve the objectives.
Trust : Trust can be defined as confidence in something. When the management has the trust in their team and the individuals, then only the team members will perform a particular action. If there is a trust among the customer and the person responsible for the product then there are many chances for the success of the product.


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